Sunday, October 10, 2010


FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME... is most often
discussed along with Alien Abduction, Rape,
or Molestation Cases...

So, it is truly MIND-BOGGLING that a minority
of People all share the same memory... having
seen a certain Photo... that... apparently does
not even exist !!! Everyone involved with this
shared Memory seems to agree~ they have
seen it in an old Time/Life Book from the
Late 60's/Early 70's, or some similar
anthology about the Weird & Strange.

My particular memory of it is that it was
a black & white photo printed in high-
contrast BLACK on an odd Pinkish-
Red monochromatic background.

I also have a splinter memory of it~
a memory that I no doubt created
with that portion of my brain that
takes creative liberties~ in sepia

Now, the really bizarre part is that
there are no less than THREE
different Thunderbird Photo
memories... Three distinct,
slightly varied IMAGES
that this Minority of
Victims recalls...

My version is pictured below:

Here are some links, most with similar info,
each with interesting DETAILS that add
to one's own fragile imagination...

The rough sketch presented in the 1st link by Rense
matches up exactly with my drawing & memory.

I would have seen this photo around 1972-75,
as we lived in a certain house @ that time
and my memory~ real or not~ contains
images of the basement from that
residence. If the ACTUAL photo
ever resurfaces, a lot of People
will breathe a cumulative
SIGH of relief. Otherwise,
the Cosmic Pranksta
gets to laugh & laugh
& laugh~ having
pulled yet an-
other Time-
slip crank~!


  1. Hi there,

    I'm Kurt, the guy from the Rense article posting you have above. I saw this photo in the early 90's and (being an artist and avid cryptozoology-fan) I'm certain that my memory of the details is correct. I find it HIGHLY odd and fascinating that, as you said, so many people have a memory of seeing this photo. You and I seem to remember the same thing, and now that I look at your sketch the person kneeling in the foreground seems to trigger something in my memory as well, one of those 6 people might have been kneeling down in the foreground! It's very strange and obviously there's something to it. I've talked to literally dozens of people over the past two decades who claim to have seen this elusive photo as well. It's real and it's out there somewhere...

  2. Hey Kurt thanx for sending a shiver up my spine ! Seriously. The Lost Thunderbird photo makes me wonder if their really arn't 'Alternate Earths' and sometimes we mere Mortals accidentally cross over, especially when we are at a wonder-filled receptive young age when the whole Mystery of Life itself seems so self-evident. Of course, full grown Adults have crystal clear recollections as well, which just adds to the mystique. Another theory I have is that 'God' or something that resembles Universal Intelligence, sometimes re-writes History... like.. all of Life is stored on a Cosmic Re-Writable Data Disc and when a decision is made to 'erase' some aspect there is a residue that remains on some Individuals' personal hard-drives that refuses to forget, rebelling in a sense against the command directive to 'let go' of specific information. Please keep me posted if you dig up anything new. I scour the net every year or so seeking new insight to our Thunderbird Problem but it is not producing 'new' artifacts !