Sunday, June 5, 2011


Before I actually started writing screenplays,
I was already addicted to the IDEA of writing
an original, cool concept that would translate
into an interesting Film. I have Notebooks full
of things that will probably never see the light
of day (most for good reason). But a few, I
lament for being just A LITTLE TOO LATE
in their arrival. Take, for instance:

It is basically a story about a real simple
Carpenter who gets conked on the head
with a hammer that falls off a roof. He
suddenly thinks that HE is God, and
that everyone else is a character
that he created to Teach him
lessons & give Him experience
from a Mortal perspective.

The problem was, I was taking
notes for this when The Truman
Show came out, and, because it
dealt with so many similar
themes, it instantly KILLED
this project for me. And I
still love The Truman
Show despite being
complicit in murder !

I think that if there is a God, or,
Universal Consciousness, it is
going to plant seeds in various
creatures to ensure that ideas
manifest regardless of who
happens to be the one
"channeling" the
concept !

There are other examples
but I might drown a village
by crying a river, so~

good-day !



  1. I've had the same thing happen to me more than once. I have developed a theory that ideas and concepts are out there, floating around in mass consciousness, at the same time and come to fruition in several places, and through several people, at roughly the same time. I believe in some way, all living minds are linked but we (as a race) have not understood this yet.

  2. It is so true. We are linked through energy & dreams, and even through genetics. I have had some pretty unbelievable psychic moments with Family members when they are HUNDREDS of miles away. Jung's description of how he "Discovered" the idea of the Collective Unconscious is a brilliant bit of analogy. I think it is in his Semi-Autobiography: MEMORIES, DREAMS, REFLECTIONS.

    On an UN-related note: I MISS GOLD KEY COMICS !!

  3. Mykal and Jamie, I am on board with this. I've also seen/experienced it numerous times over the years. It is eerie. It definitely suggests that there is a flowing stream of ideas/concepts to which people have access, at any given time/place. Stranger still is that some ideas/concepts have a peculiar/specific moment (could be a year, could be a decade) in which they reach their full ripeness and are more easily accessed by more people.

  4. Erik: Edgar Cayce spoke of "The Acashik Records" (sp); a vast repository of knowledge frozen in time that was accessible to all creatures. Certain concepts certainly have a shelf life or maximum peak; like, the cotton gin, radio, television, the harnessing of ac/dc electricity. My thoughts are open to the next million dollar infomercial product !

  5. Hi Jamie! The cotton gin!!! LOL!!! Man, I just had an amazing dream that showed me the blueprints for the best cotton gin ever!!! You're not saying that I'm a tad bit late for this, are you?? But seriously...I do remember reading about the Akashic records back in the old days. Maybe from those "Seth" books I was hooked on? By the way, one of the books I recently sent you (I think it's the Taisha Abelar one) has a small mention of this type of informational airwaves.